We had to give unfortunate news to our guitar friends.

The 64th Tokyo International Guitar Competition 2021 will be canceled in December because COVID-9 has not converged.

We hope that we can interact freely and move between countries.

We sincerely wish for the health of our friends around the world.

64th Tokyo International Guitar Competition 2021

1st Preliminary:Compulsory

Menuett op.11-1 / F.Sor
Gran Vals / F. Tarrega
Free Choice Program:Not Required.
2nd Preliminary(Semifinal):Compulsory
1st movement from Sonata Classica / M.M.Ponce

Free Choice Program:Competitors Are Free To Select Pieces Not Longer Than 8 Minutes. The Pieces Chosen For The 1st Preliminary And For The Finals May Not Be Selected.


Folios for Guitar / Toru Takemitsu (Salabert)

Free Choice Program:At Least One Selection From The Following Each Three Different Styles Must Be Contained In Your Program. The Playing Time Of The Free Choice Program Is Minimum 20 Minutes, Maximum 30 Minutes. The Pieces Chosen For The 1st And 2nd Preliminaries May Not Be Selected.

Works From The Renaissance To The Baroque.
Works In The Period From Ca.1750 To Ca. 1920.
Works After Ca.1920.

The above stated period means the time of the composition of the works. It is not meant the time of the birth of the composers. As for the works across the above stated periods, please be advised to consider musical styles to select.

Free choice program must be pieces for solo. Cadenza of concerto is not admitted one piece. No change nor addition of program will be accepted after registration unless the organizer requests any alteration to fulfill the requirements. The applicants could ask the organizer any questions about free pieces and playing time before application. Anyone will be disqualified, on breaking the rules on the day of performance, for example not playing the program submitted, free pieces different from program submitted, playing longer or shorter than playing time of rules which excludes time of tuning and interval. The Japanese version will be the valid one in case of doubt in the interpretation of the rules.

■Essential Points of Enforcement

1)PROGRAM(Planned) :
1st preliminary performance(closed) / August 2021
Persons who wish to participate the competition are requested to send the recorded 1st preliminary performance till the end of July 2021.
Meeting / Fri.3, December 2021. TOKYO, from 15:00
2nd preliminary performance / Sat.4, December 2021, 11:00
Place:HAKUJU recital hall.
Final performance / Sun.5, December 2021, 13:00
Place:HAKUJU recital hall.

2)JURY :
1st, 2nd stage / Members of Japan Federation of Guitarists.
Final/. Members of Japan Federation of Guitarists and General musicians.

1st prize:
The Minister of Education and Science prize:Encouraging Certificate of Merit, Embassy of spain prize: Cup, Y.Obara Prize: 500.000 yen (Sponsored by Chuoh Hohki Shuppan K.K.), JGA Prize:300.000 yen, Prixcreation "SAVAREZ ALLIANCE" :100.000 yen. and other Prize 100.000yen. Total:1 million yen. A guitar of Sakurai-Kono
2nd prize:
The Governor of Tokyo Prize:Encouraging Certificate of Merit, Japan Federation of Guitarists Prize:Cup, Prize:300.000 yen
3rd prize:
Certificate of Merit, Japan federation of Guitarists:Cup, Prize:100.000 yen
Supprementary prize :
YAMAHA Co.Prize. Prix 24sets "SAVAREZE ALLIANCE" strings for 1st to 4th winners. Gendai-Guitar Co.,Ltd., Arai & Company Inc, Casa de la guitarra Inc., Plaza de guitarra Inc., Clonix Inc., Angel Music, etc.
(The prizes mentioned above are expected.)

4)PARTICIPATION FEE : 15.000 Yen + (You'll have to pay a commission of 4.000yen for bank transfer on Japan.)
You must pay any charge or fee for remittance and exchange. The fee will not be returned even if you could not participate the competition under any circumstances. Whoever apply for this competition must pay the participation fee:
a) into the bank of account No.4832212 Japan Federation of Guitarists of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Shimbashi branch, *SWIFT CODE:BOTKJPJT. The organizer do not accept with other bank and to remit by check .
5)APPLICATION DATE : 1, JULY to 31, 2021 (or other changes.)
(Application should be postmarked not later than 31 August. Your payment of application fee should be arranged by 31 August)

Japan Federation of Guitarists 6-14-4,Wada-bldg 5F,Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004 Japan TEL.. 81-3-3438-1819 FAX.81-3-3438-1899

Past the 1st prize winners of this competition are not eligible. The birth date of the applicants must be after the year of 1985.

 Applicants are required to send the application form, the recorded for 1st preliminary, a photo, curriculum vitae and payment the participation fee for the registration. The finalists of the 62nd competition is exempt from the 1st preliminary. All copyright of performance during the competition belongs to the Federation. The Japanese version will be the valid one in case of doubt in the interpretation of the rules.

Application Form

Japan Federation of Guitarists

6-14-4, Wada Bldg.5F, Shimbashi Minato-ku, Tokyo105-0004
TEL.81-3-3438-1819 FAX.81-3-3438-1899

The cancellation of 63rd Tokyo International Guitar Competition 2020 because of Covid-19

Informaition of 62nd Tokyo International Guitar Competition 2019

Tokyo Guitar
The result
1st Park Ji Hyung(South Korea)
2nd Gian Marco Ciampa(Italy)
3rd Damiano Pisanello(Switzerland)
4th Carlo Curatolo(Italy)
5th Pietro Locatto(Italy)
6th Carlotta Dalia(Italy)