Compulsory Pieces for the 66th Tokyo International Guitar Competition 2023
■ 1st Preliminary(21 August,)
 Menuett op.11-4 / F.Sor  Rosita / F. Tarrega

sor tarrega
Free Choice Program: Not required.
■2nd Preliminary(Semifinal)
 No.18 from 24 Caprichos de Goya / M.Castelnuovo-Tedesco

Free choice program:
 Competitors are free to select pieces not longer than 8 minutes. The pieces chosen for the 1st preliminary and for the finals may not be selected.

 Toccata per Chitarra / Akira Ifukube (Zen-on Music)

Free choice program:
At least one selection from the following each three different styles must be contained in your program. The playing time of
the free choice program is minimum 20 minutes, maximum 30 minutes. The pieces chosen for the 1st and 2nd
preliminaries may not be selected
・Works from the Renaissance to the Baroque.
・Works in the period from ca.1750 to ca. 1920.
・Works after ca.1920.
 The above stated period means the time of the composition of the works. It is not meant the time of the birth of the composers.
 As for the works across the above stated periods, please be advised to consider musical styles to select.



Essential Points of Enforcement

1st preliminary performance(closed) / Mon.21, August 2023
Individuals who wish to participate in the competition are requested to send the recording of their first preliminary performance by the end of July 2023.
Meeting: Friday, 1st of December, 2023, in Tokyo, from 15:00

2nd preliminary performance / Sat.2, December 2023, 11:00
Place:HAKUJU recital hall.

Final Performance: Sunday, 3rd of December, 2023, at 13:00 Place:HAKUJU recital hall.
*Hakuju hall

1st & 2nd Preliminary Performance / Members of Japan Federation of Guitarists.
Final Performance / Members of Japan Federation of Guitarists & General musicians ,
* Juries are expected.

1st Prize:
The Minister of Education and Science Prize : Certificate of Merit, Embassy of Spain Prize : Cup, Chuo Hoki Shuppan Prize : 500.000 yen (Sponsored by Chuo Hoki Shuppan K.K.), JGA Prize : 300.000 yen, Prixcreation "SAVAREZ ALLIANCE" : 100.000 yen. Federation’s prize:100.000yen, Total : 1.000.000yen, A Guitar by Sakurai Kohno Guitar Manufacturing
2nd Prize:
The Governor of Tokyo Prize : Certificate of Merit, Japan Federation of Guitarists Prize : Cup & Premio : 300.000 yen,
3rd prize:
Certificate of Merit, Japan federation of Guitarists : Cup & Prize : 100.000 yen,
Supplementary Prizes :
Recital tour in Japan organized by J.F.G. and YAMAMA Co. offered to 1st prize winner. Prix 24sets "SAVAREZE ALLIANCE" strings for 1st to 4th winners. Gendai-Guitar Prize, Casa de la guitarra Inc Prize, Cronix Inc Prize, Angel Music Prize, and others.
The federation prize "prize money" is awarded by a donation from regular member Toshio Terauchi (500,000 yen).
Participation certificates will be issued to semi-final participants at the briefing session. A ranking certificate will be issued to the final participants.
Each award will not be awarded if there is no applicable person.
*Prizes mentioned above are expected.

4)PARTICIPATION FEE: 15,000 Yen + 4,000 Yen (any charges for bank transfer in Japan). Total: 19,000 Yen
Please be aware that you are responsible for any wire transfer and exchange fees.
The application fee is not refundable under any circumstances.
a) Receiving Bank: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank No.4832212 “SWIFT CODE : BOTKJPJT”
Account Name: Japan federation of Guitarists

The applications must be postmarked no later than July 31. Payment must be completed.

Japan Federation of Guitarists  Wada-bldg. 5F, 6-14-4, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004 JAPAN
TEL. 81-3-3438-1819 FAX. 81-3-3438-1899

Past 1st prize winners of this competition are not eligible. There is not an age limit.

The following items must be sent along with the application form: a recorded audio for the 1st preliminary, a photo of you, and your curriculum vitae. The payment of the application fee must be completed by the time of your application. The finalists from the 65th competition are exempt from the 1st preliminary. All the copyright of the performances during the competition belongs to Japan Federation of Guitarists. In case of any doubt in the interpretation of the rules, the Japanese version will be considered valid.


Application Form is this way.

A result of The 65th Tokyo International Guitar Competition 2022

2nd Preliminary Participants

 Filiippos Manoloudis(Greece)
 Flavio Nati(Italy)
 Su-yeong Lee(Republic of Korea)
 Emannuel Sowicz(UK&Chile)
 Ilie Dragos(Romania)
 Toru Kobayashi(Japan)
 Koki Ito(Japan)
 Yuma Otsuka(Japan)
 LuChih-Chien (Taiwan)
 Domenico Savio Mottola(Italy)
 Andrés Madariaga(Chile)
 Eric Meier(Canada)
 Carlo Curatolo(Italy)

A result of Final
1st Filiippos Manoloudis(Greece)

2nd Ilie Dragos(Romania)
3rd Eric Meier (Canada)

4th Emannuel Sowicz(UK&Chile)

5th Andrés Madariaga(チリ Chile)
6th Koki Itoh (Tokyo Japan)


Federation's History

About our Federation:

Gendai Nihon Guitar Renmei (Modern Japan Federation Of Guitarists) Was Established, A Year After The First Guitar Competition (The Present Tokyo International Guitar Competition) Was Held In 1949.
Japan Federation Of Guitarists Originated From Gendai Nihon Guitar Renmei Is The Only Official Corporation Authorized By The Ministry Of Education In Japan Since 1966, For The Aim Of Contribution To The Culture By The Study And Spread Of Guitar Music.
Federation Received A Report Of The Prime Minister Of Japan On November 18, 2010, And We Became The Group Of Cabinet Office,Government Of Japan On December 1, The Same Year.
The Federation Has Worked For Enrichment Of Japanese Guitar Music World And Improvement Of Guitarists Status In Society.
Also Being Active Steadily To Upgrade The Level Of Japanese Guitar Music And To Receive Domestic And Foreign Recognition.