The cancellation of 63rd Tokyo International Guitar Competition 2020

 We may tell you, we decided to cancel the 63rd Tokyo International Guitar Competition 2020 that we was going to hold in this year.
 As you know, convergence of the infection situations of the coronavirus(COVID-19) does not become clear and does not understand the world interchange, too.
 In 2020, it becomes the disappointing news. Please forgive us.
 We pray for the health of everybody. Thank you.

                       <Representative Director Kiyoshi Shomura


Information of the 64rd Tokyo International Guitar Competition 2021

We had to give unfortunate news to our guitar friends.

The 64th Tokyo International Guitar Competition 2021 will be canceled in December because COVID-9 has not converged.

We hope that we can interact freely and move between countries.

We sincerely wish for the health of our friends around the world.

Federation's History

About our Federation:

Gendai Nihon Guitar Renmei (Modern Japan Federation Of Guitarists) Was Established, A Year After The First Guitar Competition (The Present Tokyo International Guitar Competition) Was Held In 1949.
Japan Federation Of Guitarists Originated From Gendai Nihon Guitar Renmei Is The Only Official Corporation Authorized By The Ministry Of Education In Japan Since 1966, For The Aim Of Contribution To The Culture By The Study And Spread Of Guitar Music.
Federation Received A Report Of The Prime Minister Of Japan On November 18, 2010, And We Became The Group Of Cabinet Office,Government Of Japan On December 1, The Same Year.
The Federation Has Worked For Enrichment Of Japanese Guitar Music World And Improvement Of Guitarists Status In Society.
Also Being Active Steadily To Upgrade The Level Of Japanese Guitar Music And To Receive Domestic And Foreign Recognition.